Next Level Daily Planner Recommended by Men’s Axis

Founded in 2014, Men’s Axis is a World-Wide publication for Men’s Gear, Culture and Style. Their focus is to help men enrich their lives to new levels of fulfillment and success. Men’s Axis are team of creative minded gear enthusiasts with a passion for style, design and all things cool. Here’s their conclusion about our …

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Mentors, Masterminds & Role Models

Do you surround yourself with people energize and inspire you? Are they where you want to be in life, or at least aspiring for similar goals?  Do they pursue greatness in their own lives and fire you up with new ideas? Do they support you through tough times?  If not, you may be missing the …

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Morning Routine Filledout

How and Why to Write a Personal Mission Statement 3

A personal mission statement is a set of beliefs, values or guidelines which you firmly identify with and will always strive to adhere to.  It is an empowering declaration of who you are, what you are about and what you stand for. Another way of looking at this is that it is a set of …

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Tips on using the Next Level Daily Planner

Benefits of Using the Next Level Daily Planner

Take your life to the next level by incorporating the tried and true practices in this notebook into each day of your life.

Set yourself up for success with customizable checklists throughout your day.

Bookend your day with next level morning and evening routines and gratitude rituals.

Improve your life one habit at at time.

Lasts 3-6 months, depending on frequency of use.

Reduce mental clutter by getting thoughts out of your head and into an organized system for taking action and accomplishing your goals.

Undated to allow for flexibility throughout the year.