Morning Routine Filledout

A personal mission statement is a set of beliefs, values or guidelines which you firmly identify with and will always strive to adhere to.  It is an empowering declaration of who you are, what you are about and what you stand for.

Another way of looking at this is that it is a set of guidelines that you can fall back upon and keep you on track when hardship is encountered.

Here are some suggestions when creating and using your personal mission statement

  • Take a moment to look inward and decide what your most important values are. It may help to write this out on scrap paper first. Let the mind run with the first draft then edit it down to the essentials.
  • Keep it short – Make it 1 paragraph or less. The Next Level Daily Planner allows for 10 lines. My Personal Mission Statement only takes 5.
  • Keep it simple – Don’t over complicate it and don’t agonize over it – it doesn’t have to be perfect. Just get it done.  It cannot help you if it doesn’t get done and can always be amended or edited later.
  • Choose empowering phrases “I am”, “I choose to be”, etc.
  • Make sure it energizes you – When you read it, you should feel it connect with someplace inside you and charge you up.  Remember, this is a statement of your purpose.  While it may help to look for examples if you get stuck, be sure to make it your own. You can use a paragraph format or list them out, whatever fits you best.
  • Return to your personal mission statement often – during good times and bad. I suggest memorizing it and make it a part of your morning routine to start your day with a boost!

Here are a few examples:

I have only one life to live and I choose to live it to the fullest.

I accept myself and others for who we are in the present moment.

I strive to improve myself every day.

I am in a constant state of learning and growing.

My goal in life is to thrive and live in abundance.

I am here to make the world a better place.

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